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Rocket Propelled Chainsaw (in action) Funny
Robin Hood vs Robin Boob Funny
How to get rid of a roommate Funny
Really Bad Jokes Funny
I am a turtle (in 48 languages) Funny
World beard championships Funny
World's funniest joke Funny
5 year old kid on chatroulette Funny
Evolution of cars by country Funny
Postbox or Cheese Funny
What your email address says about your PC skills Funny
Social Media Monopoly Funny
Seven reasons why you shouldnt join a gym Funny
Knitler Funny
The illustrated guide to sleeping positions Funny

The 10 worst Japanese fashion trends Funny
Dumbass jumping on ice Funny
Words of God Funny

How to kick ass Funny
Harry Potter humor Funny
Tricks to teach your pet pig Funny

Aaaugh Funny
Stick Men Funny
My time schedule Funny

We need to talk - Mom Funny
The truth about userpictures Funny
At least they understand each other on Wednesday Funny
You just might be a grad student if... Funny
Penguin Extreme Funny
What are the chances? Funny
Shut the fuck up Funny

Im steelin som ur foodz Funny
Physics Troll Funny

Worst restaurant name ever Funny
Water temperature Funny
Five reasons pigs are smarter than You Funny
Yo dawg Funny
Women laughing alone with salad Funny

Hyper awake, Hyper asleep Funny
English-to-Pirate translator Funny

Pizza is like sex Funny
Funny Wall Funny
Should I Have A Cookie? Funny
Kim Jong-il looking at things Funny
Observations about beards Funny

UPS Package Delivery Instructions Funny
Dialectize a Web Page Funny
Battleshots Funny Funny
I Am Hungary Funny

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